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Before our art excursion, I had never really considered street art as something I’d like to do. Now, after our excursion, I wish I could be one of the people who make it their career to visit streets in cities all over the world and cover them with magnificent art pieces. On our excursion, we were taken to many of Melbourne’s major street art spectacles by the perfect person- a street artist himself. As we walked down alleyways, we observed art from all levels of the street art spectrum- from the tags that older teenagers casually spray onto walls, to bombs, more heightened versions of tags, with a predesigned set- up of the name, all the way to what our guide called masterworks- pieces with the diversity of legitimate studio artwork. We viewed building high murals of Aboriginal youth, walls covered with creative mythical animals, political advertisements disguised as artwork- even an entire wall painted to look like the work on it was drawn by little kids! Afterwards, we had a look at some enigmatic artwork in a small gallery, featuring works as varied as an entire room full of praying tinfoil sculptures, built around real people, and a video showing a castle of sugar being melted by oil. Overall, this excursion was an incredible experience, providing a lot of creative impetus to everybody who went, and allowing us to have fun along the way. This was my favourite school excursion of the year, and I would love to spend some more time observing street art in Melbourne and other cities. Thanks to the art teachers, for organising this awesome excursion for us.

Written by Corey (Year 9)