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GLC Armstrong Creek

The Armstrong Creek campus is set within a growing semi-rural, coastal community catering to the developing needs of students from Prep through to Year 12.

Offering a range of engaging, hands-on and inquiry directed learning opportunities, students explore their place in the world and their responsibilities in it. We have developed separate Primary, Middle and Senior sub-schools to ensure each child’s learning is met through personalised learning opportunities. 

Luther's Rose


Students have a wide range of sporting opportunities over the course of their schooling. The sporting program works closely alongside the Health and Physical Education Curriculum to enhance and develop students' talents and abilities and to provide competition on the sporting field.

Typically Year 4-6 students are involved in the Surf Coast District and Year 7-12 students participate in the Geelong Independent Schools Sports Association (GISSA).

Students compete in many competitions including the major carnivals of swimming, track and field, cross country and can also participate in a wide variety of team and individual sports.

The aim of the sporting program is to provide opportunities to all students to be involved in competition, whether this be at a beginner or an elite sporting level.


A Year 6 Robotics team competes at the First Lego League (FLL) Competition. This is a global competition for students (ages 9-16) and has a different theme each year. Teams compete against each other regionally, at state level, nationally and internationally. 

To prepare for the competition, our students learn more advanced programming skills utilising a range of sensors. They also learn about design principles and build robots and attachments which are tested by the group.

(Unfortunately the emergence of COVID-19 has prevented the Robotics team from travelling abroad to compete. However, we look forward to further opportunities emerging in the future. We will keep everyone informed of developments.)
Robotics starts in our primary school where students are exposed to programming and developing paths for robots.

St Paul’s Lutheran Kindergarten, Grovedale 

Geelong Lutheran College’s close proximity to St Paul’s Kindergarten at Grovedale is not the only reason we share a strong relationship. St Paul's Kindergarten offers experiences where children form basic attitudes, skills and knowledge on which they will build throughout their lives. The Armstrong Creek campus strives to facilitate the ongoing development of these foundations. Geelong Lutheran College enjoys hosting a visit from St Paul's Kindergarten children every term.

LLL (Lutheran Laypeople’s League)

Established in 1921, LLL Australia is a charitable financial institution which provides savings accounts. The LLL prides itself on providing savings accounts that are simple, fee free with a great interest rate. Savings account products include Personal, Children’s, Business and Self-Managed Super Funds that can be in individual or joint names. The mission of the LLL is to provide business and financial support to the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA) while providing excellent service to all customers and safeguarding the interests of depositors.

LLL supports schools like Geelong Lutheran College through its provision of loans, upon approval, for the upgrade of facilities. LLL also offers Matching Deposits, a unique facility that provides a way to support a project within the Lutheran Church of Australia, such as the development of the Armstrong Creek gymnasium.