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On Tuesday 6th March, Youth Resource Officer, Leading Senior Constable Robbie Noggler visited our college and conducted sessions with Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 students. He highlighted to the students that if they are ever bullied or cyberbullied they must tell someone. He told the students that from the age of 10, the law acknowledges children know the difference between right and wrong and therefore can be arrested. The offence of bullying and cyberbullying is called stalking and Robbie emphasised the elements that the police need to prove for someone to be charged with stalking – identity, course of conduct, physical or mental harm and intent. Robbie shared some online safety tips through a real life scenario that presented a series of questions that was extremely engaging for the students.

Cyber Safety Tips:

  • Utilise privacy settings
  • Block people you don’t know
  • Do not posting pictures that you wouldn’t want your parents to see

Robbie will be visiting GLC again for a whole school parent session on Wednesday 21st March at 7pm.