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On Monday 11 September – a fitting date for exploring religious understanding – our Year 9 Christian Studies classes were involved in a session facilitated by the Jewish Christian Muslim Association of Australia.  Our three presenters – Amy (Jewish), Bledi (Muslim) and Tobias (Christian) shared with students their own personal stories of faith and shared information about the major beliefs and practices of their religions.  While each person’s story and particular way of practicing their faith was unique, there were some strong underlying themes.  Each person had come to faith (or a fuller understanding of their faith) during their adulthood and had sought to grow their understandings and beliefs.  Through their presentation, Amy, Bledi and Tobias demonstrated their commitment to religious tolerance and understanding through sharing their (or their religion’s) responses to important questions and reflecting on the ways in which these three religions are both different and share common ground.  Bledi in particular reflected on his early experiences of religious repression in Communist Albania and how blessed we are to live in a place where people can express their beliefs and find acceptance.  Students made the most of an extensive Q & A session where they were able to add to their understandings of these religions as part of their study of major world faiths.