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School Crest and Motto

The School Crest

The School Crestis based on “Luther’s rose”.

FounderBadge2There is a black cross in the naturally red heart; for from the heart we must believe in Jesus, who was crucified for our salvation. The painful reality of the cross should promote a living faith within the heart.

The heart stands in a white rose to show a faith that is giving joy, comfort and peace. The rose is white, the colour of purity to show that our joy does not come from the darkness of the world.

The rose is placed in a sky blue field; for our joy in Jesus is already a beginning of heavenly things, as we understand our salvation.

All this is encircled by a golden ring; for our heavenly salvation lasts forever and is more precious than anything else.

The School Motto

The School Motto ‘By Grace Alone’ expresses a central Christian conviction.

GLC 40cmlogoChristians believe that through Jesus Christ, all people can experience God’s love and favour as a pure gift. Grace means undeserved, unconditional love.

In Jesus Christ, God has extended this love to all people, holding out the hope of forgiveness and a new beginning. Experiencing this love is a matter of trust, or faith. It cannot be attained by personal achievement or being good enough.

In the Lutheran tradition, we summarise this wonderful truth by saying that we are saved by grace alone, because of Christ alone, through faith alone.

At Geelong Lutheran College we are committed to seeing this same grace fulfilled in every student’s relationship with God, and embodied in all personal relationships within the school community.