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We are proud of our uniform, and when correctly worn it presents a positive image of our College and our students.    Uniform must be clean at all times, neat and in good repair, and named. Full uniform must be correctly worn at all times, including while travelling to and from school. Although the blazer may be removed during the school day it must be worn on all formal outings, opening and closing chapels and formal assemblies. In cooler weather students may wear other clothing under their uniform as long as the clothing does not show.

    • Summer uniform is worn in Terms 1 and 4
    • Winter uniform in Terms 2 and 3

Classroom teachers need to be informed if a student is out of uniform for any reason.

House T-Shirts

House coloured t-shirts are compulsory for all students – and are only to be worn during any house events.    The house colours are as follows:

ANGLESEA (purple) TORQUAY  (orange)
BREAMLEA  (red) FAIRHAVEN  (green)



Uniform Suppliers

New Uniforms:    

            “Bellarine Uniforms”   162 Moorabool Street, Geelong 3220  [Phone: 5221-9199]

Second-Hand Uniforms:

 “Second Hand School Specialists”   21B Fairlie St, Hamlyn Heights 3215
Phone:  Sharon Wilmot 0400 350652

Trading hours:
 Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursdays : 12.00pm – 5.00pm
Saturdays (1st and 3rd of each month): 9am – 11.00am
Closed public holidays , Easter and Christmas
Out of hours appointments can be made


Full Uniform details can be found in the College Handbook and Diary