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Wellbeing - Physical Activity and Exercise

There is a strong link between regular physical activity and good mental health.

Research shows regular participation in physical activity has benefits beyond the immediate physical health benefit – it also improves academic outcomes, learning experiences, elevates mood, improves self-esteem and selfperception, and provides a positive way to deal with stress and challenges. Additionally, in the long term it helps prevent mental health conditions such as depression and dementia.

Participation in physical activity and exercise has been declining over the last decade. These days, computers and mobile devices are often used for relaxation and recreation purposes, as well as tools for learning and education.The key is finding the balance.

Parents, play an important role in helping children establish positive habits that will benefit their children in the long-term.

To find out how much you know about Physical Activity and Exercise for our current Australian young people, try out the follow quiz: https://glc.vic.

For more information about how to support your family to make positive decisions about physical activity and exercise check out School TV, which provides lots of information: https:// physical-activity-exercise

Angela McClean

St John's, Newtown Wellbeing Coordinator