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Wellbeing - Learning Curve

It’s not just a diary! It’s a Learning Curve.

Each year, your child receives a diary, but did you know it is more than a diary? This diary is a valuable resource for wellbeing designed by the Learning Curve.

The Learning Curve Student Wellbeing Program is based on positive teaching models that assist students in achieving more positive learning outcomes. It provides strategies to build more resilient students whilst developing their character strengths and providing teachers with the resources to help them.

The resources include: 

  • Interactive Character Strengths
  • Habits of Mind
  • Interactive Mindfulness Activities
  • Parent Newsletters
  • Resilience Builders
  • Interactive Thinking Tools
  • Interactive Thinking Traps
  • Interactive Wellbeing Reflections
  • Strengths Boosters and Wellbeing Fitness Challenges

Each week, your child gets the opportunity to engage in wellbeing teaching that can lead to building resilience, positive habits and mindsets. Dedicated time is put aside every week before classes start to engage in learning curve teaching. We are of the belief that “If your child is well they will do well” – and although we are only one spoke in the wheel of their life, we can help make a difference. You can access more about the learning curve online at: https://

Natasha Rae (Bth, Psyc Sci, MAPP)

Armstrong Creek Wellbeing Coordinator