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Wellbeing - Diet and Nutrition

Diet and Nutrition is crucial to your child’s development and is strongly linked to support prevention and treatment of mental health challenges.

DID YOU KNOW: About 1/3 of all students start their day without breakfast. Students who attend school without a healthy breakfast have impaired brain function, which detrimentally impacts their ability to concentrate and to learn. Breakfast is an easy meal to get right and supports your children’s learning.

Additionally, one of the best ways families can support their child’s learning and behaviour at school is by providing healthy and nutritious food. The food you provide during the day impacts on your child’s brain development and learning potential. It helps to stabilise your child’s energy, improve their mood and maintain a focus and attention at school.

In terms of mental health and wellbeing, the latest research into nutritional psychiatry recommends the first response to treating an individual with a mood disorder, such as anxiety or depression, is to address their diet, sleep, exercise, and check for any substance abuse. Recent evidence also supports the link between diet, nutrition and mental health, the research is indicating that 75% to 80% of serotonin (the happy hormone) is produced in the gut not in the brain.

For more amazing information about diet, nutrition and mental health, visit our SchoolTV site at: https://glc.vic.

Angela McClean

SJ Wellbeing Coordinator