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From the Head of College: 21 June 2022

Upon reflection of my four years since joining the staff at Geelong Lutheran College, St John’s and Armstrong Creek campuses in July 2018, I feel that it is an absolute privilege to be serving as a member of this very special community.

I have been particularly delighted to see the growth of both schools over these years - a testament to how highly our College is regarded in the Greater Geelong community.

With this in mind, I invite you to take part in a Parent/Guardian/Caregiver Survey that will be emailed to you in early July via Operoo. Specifically, we are gathering your feedback on the implementation of the GLC 2019-2023 Strategic Vision. I strongly encourage you to take the opportunity for you to share your feedback and opinions with us.

As this is the final week of Term 2, I wish you all some precious time with your family and a safe and blessed holiday break. Principal Sue Ellis will be returning from her well-deserved Long Service Leave at the start of Term 3. We look forward to welcoming her back to the College.

In his service,

Ms Jill Lange-Mohr OAM

Head of College