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From the Head of College

I had the absolute privilege of visiting Our Redeemer Lutheran Congregation in North Geelong on Sunday 29 May.

I was there to present the Prep thank you posters, from both campuses, to the Congregation members for their kind donation to our Prep Beginner Bible Program (pictured). This wonderful initiative, which joins us in a common Mission and Ministry, is supported by all of the local Lutheran Congregations, which include:

  • St John’s Lutheran Church, Yarra Street, Geelong
  • Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Moller’s Lane, Leopold
  • Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, Ballarat Road, North Geelong
  • St Paul’s Lutheran Church, Torquay Road, Grovedale.

As the first Strategic Priority of our Strategic Vision 2019-2023, we aspire to foster a collaborative vision between Geelong Lutheran College and the Lutheran Congregations of Greater Geelong.

Our Preps adore their very special colour Beginner Bible. We look forward to this collaboration having a long history.

Due to the challenges of sickness and the resulting absenteeism within our community, as is being experienced through out most of Australia and beyond, there have needed adjustments to learning programs and assessments. A special thank you to the teaching staff who have made changes to their programs to focus on the core elements.

Ms Lange-Mohr OAM

Head of College