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AC Dean of Students Report

Welcome to Week 2 / Term 2 of the Remote Learning Program from the Wellbeing Hub! 

The Wellbeing Hub has been a wonderful new addition to the College facilities supporting the mental health and wellbeing of our students.

We enjoyed having many students visit the Hub and Wellbeing Team throughout Term 1, curious to check out our ‘Chill Out’ Zone and find out if the rumour, that you may sink so deeply into the comfort of the couches that you may not be able to get up, was true! Other students followed the newly established self-referral process and were proactive in their quest for support and advice – careers, counselling or VCE related. Other students were able to access the Hub for short periods of time during class with the endorsement of their teacher to practise mindfulness before returning to their academic learning program. 

Students are encouraged to continue accessing and utilising the resources of the Wellbeing Hub during the Remote Learning Program. They should contact their HG Teacher via email who with their concern. Following this the HG Teacher will contact a member of the Wellbeing Team who will reach out to the student. 

If parents have concerns regarding their child, they are encouraged to contact the following staff at the College: 

  1. Everyday questions and minor concerns - Home-group teacher
  2. Subject related matters - Subject teacher
  3. Moderate concerns - Home-group teacher & Year Level Leader
  4. Complicated, complex, ongoing matters or concerns about other students outside the HG - Home-group teacher, Year Level Leader or Wellbeing Hub.