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Construction ramps up on Ngarrwa

Today was an exciting day at GLC Armstrong Creek as the first few modules of the new Year 11 & 12 Hub, Ngarrwa, arrived on site.   

The framework of the new building, consisting of 67 modules, is being constructed in King Lake, before being trucked in pieces to our campus. Over the next month, trucks will continue arriving on site with the modules, with the internal and external fit out to commence once all have been delivered.

During the holidays, the College's Executive team and Facilities Manager travelled to King Lake for a building progress meeting, where they were able to do a walkthrough of some of the modules. The visit was inspirational to see how Ngarrwa will all come together (a bit like Kennex) and it was a great reminder of how important it is to give students the opportunity to make and create, problem solve and collaborate in their learning journey.

We can't wait until the new building opens to student and staff use for the beginning of the 2024 school year.