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We are delighted to welcome our students back to on-campus learning! The school yard is no longer bare and quiet but a hive of activity as they reconnect with their peers, friends, teachers. Play has resumed and games have been continued from where they were left early last term.

Overwhelmingly, Secondary students are most excited about seeing their friends and socialising. Some are looking forward to being able to ask teachers for help face-to-face and learning through class discussion with everyone together! Participating in practical PE classes and playing basketball at lunchtimes is also an anticipated highlight.

While our students settle back into their daily routine of attending school, it’s important to ensure they get adequate sleep each night, nutritious meals and physical activity. If you have any concerns regarding your child’s wellbeing or learning program over the next fortnight, please do not hesitate to contact his/her Homegroup Teacher (Secondary) or Class Teacher (Primary) to discuss these.

For general parenting information on a smooth transition back to school from Andrew Fuller, please see the following link:

Furthermore, please see the link to the key messages from, ‘Andrew Fuller: Tips and ideas to support your VCE student in this year like no other’ below:

Georgia Quirk

Dean of Students



SPELD Vic is Celebrating 
Dyslexia Awareness Day  5 October 2020
Dyslexia Awareness Week   5 - 11 October 2020
Dyslexia Awareness Month - October 2020

SPELD are Looking forward to spreading awareness on Specific Learning Disorders - Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia

Our vision is that Victoria is a place where SLDs like Dyslexia are widely understood and are no longer a barrier to individuals achieving their full learning potential. We work with our members, government, schools and the community to make this vision a reality for all Victorians with SLDs.

SPELD have a range of resources on their website along with free seminars to attend.  There is a Facebook page that keeps you up to date with a range of information and resources regarding supporting a student with a learning disability.

SPELD Vic, have some FREE events happening this month and have some exciting things that they will be posting.  See the link below:

Make sure you like, follow them, turn notification on to stay up to date via social media

If you have any relevant info, resourcesand links you think our community would like to see; please send them through to

 Tara Tink 

Adaptive Education Coordinator