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“Geelong Lutheran College, Armstrong Creek has two extracurricular robotics teams who are preparing for the FIRST Lego League’s Challenge competition later this year. The theme this season is Cargo Connect. Teams around the globe are grabbling with how to improve the transportation of products for the innovation project component of the competition. 

SEMATICS 101 (Year 6 Team) would like to get in touch with parents/guardians or friends of GLC who do any work associated with transporting goods by delivery vans. The team would like to ask questions about their profession and the way they manage and organise goods as part of the innovation project which requires their knowledge and experience. 

SEMATICS 102 (Middle School Team) are seeking people whose work is an area or have an area of expertise in:

  • Handling rail freight containers
  • Trucking/transporting freight containers to railways
  • Operators of heavy lifting machinery like cranes, forklifts, gantries etc.

Mechanical engineers may also help us in our research.

We are looking for these people to help us in our research in transporting cargo around, to and from rail lines. 

If you can assist either of these teams please email so we can organise a virtual meeting outside your working hours if necessary. Assistance will be greatly appreciated by the teams and crucial to the team’s research.


Members and coaches of SEMATICS”