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Three Year 10 students, Starlette, Emily and Natasha had the privilege of participating in a 'Meet the Scientist' broadcast provided by the Royal Women’s Hospital, enabling the participants to gain an insight into the career pathways that they may take and inspire them to pursue a career in science. The trio heard from a panel of RWH research scientists about their journey, achievements and advice in an easily understood presentation. 

  • Dr Ellen Menkhorst is passionate about helping women have a healthy pregnancy; 
  • Dr Amanda Kwong’s research is concerned with the early detection and intervention for infants who are at high risk of cerebal palsy and/or movement difficulties; 
  • Pamela McCalman practices as a clinical midwife and is completing a PhD on the experiences of aboriginal women who are having a baby in Victoria; and 
  • Dr Elizabeth Baker is researching ways of improving the outcomes for babies born prematurely by looking at the use of cell therapy to help vulnerable pre-term babies breathe more easily. 

The girls were blessed to hear from such inspiring role-models.