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The excitement of returning to school after remote learning 1.0 was almost palpable, after the face-to-face contact that we had always taken for granted was taken from us for those weeks at home in lockdown. I don’t think I’ve ever seen teachers or students more enthusiastic about a return to school. 

So after enjoying a short stint back at school, we were reluctantly thrust back into Remote Learning 2.0. On most accounts, having had the experience in Round 1, we all knew what to expect. With some tweaks to our lesson structures, including a lesson or check in for each class where students got to see their class mates with cameras on, Round Two seems to be sitting relatively comfortably with most of our students and staff. 

The longer we continue with remote learning, more innovative our staff are becoming in presenting learning experiences remotely. Here are some great examples from our staff team below: 

Some Science experiments with our resident GLC experts:

The PE staff trying to outdo each other with their challenges to their students:

We’ve even had to be creative with our Information Sessions for parents that usually run at this time of the year.  The link below is to the Year 10 in 2021 Virtual Information Session that was sent out to our Year 9 parents a few weeks ago and it outlines the options for students at GLC in Year 10.

Despite some of this fun, we are all very much looking forward to the day that our students return to us on campus face-to-face. 

Until then…. Take care! 

Sharlene Tattersall

Head of Secondary.