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Year 6 students have created small businesses in a simulation experience following the way ALWS provides support in developing countries. Students participated in a number of ALWS activities presented by Vicki Gollasch late last term and early this term. After conducting a survey to find out what items would be most popular at a market day and forming business groups, the students learnt about vision and mission statements. Each business has completed a business plan and booked in for an interview. Students presented their ideas to Jonny Hedt, Andrew Dowd (Business Manager) and Jane Hollett in order to obtain $20 to start up their business. This “Shark Tank” experience required students to demonstrate how they would use the $20, what items they plan to make and how much they will sell their items for. Students will be required to pay back their $20 loan with interest.

All profits made at market day will be donated to ALWS. This activity has been created as a joint activity between ALWS and LEVNT, with Jane Hollett being involved in the writing process of the activity.