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On Thursday 28 June, Melbourne visual artist Mitchell Toy visited Geelong Lutheran College to share his knowledge of the studio process and his personal art making methods. He presented students with a range of traditional drawing and paintings methods used for creating artworks, such as the Rule of Thirds and the Golden Ratio.

Mitchell also shared his personal works and how he used traditional compositional methods to create some of his most successful artworks. He also shared his use of the gridding technique to transfer images into final artworks, as some students at Geelong Lutheran College implement in many of their own works. Mitchell played a drawing game with students they would create a drawing based on a word presented. Often, the image would change as the game progressed similarly to Chinese whispers.

Student attempted their own sketch based on the Rule of Thirds and produced some beautiful and interesting sketches in the short time.

The students had a fantastic time learning to apply new skills and theories and look forward to seeing how their studio process flourishes in the coming months.