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At Geelong Lutheran College, we are committed to creating an environment where students have a passion to explore and engage with their world. At Geelong Lutheran College we provide a holistic education extending well beyond what can be captured by an ATAR score. Our Year 12 students have now come to the end of their educational journey at GLC and we could not be more proud of their individual achievements. Congratulations to all our students and to our staff who provided guidance and support throughout their time at GLC.

Congratulations to our College Dux, Kara Baker with an ATAR of 94.9.

Other ATAR results over 90 were achieved by Jye Witham (92.65) and Adam Stewart (92.1).

Our Median ATAR was 65.75. Of our 33 Year 12 students, 31 students completed VCE and two students completed VCAL.

Study scores above 40 were achieved by the following students:

  • Kara Baker – 43 Psychology, 41 English
  • Jye Witham – 42 VET Engineering, 41 Physics
  • Leticia Bayliss – 43 Media
  • Chloe Fantella – 42 Media
  • Sarah Milne – 41 Outdoor and Environmental Studies
  • Annalyse Palladini – 41 Health and Human Development

Our Study Score Statistics

  • 4.8% received a study score of 40 or higher
  • 24% received a study score of 35 or higher
  • Our median study score was 29

We wish all of our students the very best as they await their tertiary offers, to be released on January 16, 2018.

Barry Krueger, Campus Principal and Gary Jewson, College Principal