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The VCE Studio Arts Students were recently given the opportunity to experience Top Arts 2019. Ms Garrard provided an insight into a wonderfully entertaining and informative day for our cohort.

We travelled via train to Melbourne and the students were quick to learn that the city moves quickly. We reached Federation Square in the CBD of Melbourne at the NGV Australia. As soon as we arrived we meandered through the Top Arts gallery space to view some of the best artistic works created in Victoria at VCE level. Students were able to take photographs of the works to be inspired to develop their folios and ideas further. Upstairs, a room was organised to showcase all of the folios and students were able to look at and read all of the annotations and ways in which the top students across the state organised their own folios. Our students learnt some new tricks and tips to save them time and to open them up to new and exciting ways to experiment with materials, mediums and techniques. Furthermore, the excursion was accompanied with a comprehensive lecture from an experienced educator at the NGV to explain the student works and how students successfully gained entry into Top Arts 2019. A key component to the Studio Arts subject is ‘Arts Industry Contexts’ and being able to analyse how a curator has developed a gallery space. Students took notes to analyse the design, conservation and preservation techniques, advertising which will be used in the future in an upcoming SAC. Our Studio Arts students represented our school in a positive and mature way and it was a worthwhile learning experience to both improve on folio and art production, as well as learn how the Top Arts gallery space was devised.

Looking forward to our new Art adventure.

Kind regards,

Ms. Sophie Garrard.