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Our student leaders attend their first leadership seminar at GPAC, an opportunity to hear from guest speakers who shared their valuable and inspiring stories. Interactive activity sessions with the guest speakers focused on their areas of passion, with students identifying and developing key skills important to their roles as student leaders.

A Student’s Perspective – Jack (Year 12)

The seminar focused on what we can work on as leaders and how we can create a bigger impact at our school. The four speakers shared their life stories and unique paths into leadership:

  • The first story came from Nick who focus on mental health, explaining that his mind set was focused on a single goal.  This focused mind-set made it hard for him to interact with the other students and maintain a social life.  It was Nick’s friends and family that were there to help him out of what would have been a “near death experience”.  The importance of having a team around you to support you is essential to live a happy and fulfilling life.
  • Joel then spoke about combining his studies of horror, art and computer studies into one tertiary course. Every profession needs two key elements to succeed – a customer and a need. He began investigating into horror roller coasters, initially researching Australian amusement parks and then moved to closed and run down parks in the United States. Joel spoke of the importance of finding your passion, nurturing your drive and using your skills to connect with people.
  • Mark’s spoke about how he grew up with dogs as a kid, which led him to a career working with animals and communications.  His job consisted of setting traps, finding the types of areas animals would live in and tracking them throughout the process.  He spoke about how communication is key – bring people along with you, take the ego out and take small steps.  Also think outside the box, problem solve and think critically about the situation at hand.
  • The final speaker, Michelle spoke about learning to lead yourself and others.  Together everyone achieves, it takes a team effort and maximizes your chance of succeeding. She explained that failure is ok and we should be comfortable with being uncomfortable. She left us inspired to dream big and become the change we want to see in the world.