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Recently, the Studio Arts students visited both the Geelong Art Gallery and Boom Gallery. The students analysed artworks in preparation for SAC’s as well as preparing students for their Exams.

The Year 11 student analysed Eugene Von Guerard’s ‘View of Geelong’ at the Geelong Art Gallery.  Alyssa the Geelong Gallery’s educator spoke in depth about the history and significance of the historical painting, how it was made, it’s mediums and reference to the painting being a historical document to discover changes in the landscape. Students listened attentively and asked appropriate questions to build on their knowledge of the study artist in preparation for their upcoming SAC.

The Year 12 students analysed an artwork of their choosing in the Geelong Art Gallery using the Feldman Analytical method. They were advised to choose an artwork that inspired their own personal studio process to further build on their own ideas. With this information students will be able to apply knowledge learnt for both the end of year Exam and the Arts Industry Contexts SAC in Unit 4.

Boom Gallery allowed students to see the differences between a Public Gallery compared to that of a Commercial Gallery, particularly in relation to the differences with conservation and preservation techniques. Kate the co-owner kindly spoke to our students about Boom gallery and the new Big Boom Gallery and how the business first began.  She spoke about how they run their business, how they design the spaces and how they allocate and share the role of curator. Kate also mentioned the process when choosing artists for Boom and how they support the artists in relation to advertising for exhibitions.

It was a very fun, engaging and informative excursion that students can apply to both their SAC and Exams in Studio Arts.