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Schools are busy places at any time of the year, but the end of Term 2 in Senior School sees the pace increase even further in both our academic and personal development programs. Our Year 10’s and 11’s have exams coming up, so revision is in full swing and we wish them all the best as they demonstrate their learning in this format. In addition to this, all Year 11 and 12 students undertaking a Unit 3 or 4 subject will sit the GAT.

Towards the end of the term our Year 10’s will be heading off to Work Experience for a full week in the ‘world of work’ while our Year 11’s will be involved in a Mock Interview program followed by a trip to two of the Ballarat Universities. Our Year 10-12’s will engage in a specific driver education program relevant to their stage of the progression from Learners to P plates. Additionally, a ‘Not Even Once’ seminar on drugs was presented to the whole Senior School. An exciting addition to our Year 11 co-curricular program this year is the Year 11 Social and the social committee is keenly working with Ms Copley in preparation for this event.