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On Tuesday 18 June, 18 Year 5 and 6 students participated in a Regional Debating Day against Christian College. Our students competed in two prepared rounds across three teams on the topics “That all students should ride their bikes to school” and “That we should ban animal testing for medical reasons.” We won all six of these debates. Then we prepared for a secret topic with the students having about 45 minutes to prepare on the topic “That students should be able to choose their teacher.” We won two of the three debates on this topic.

This was an extraordinary result for our students who all worked very well both preparing for their debates and also with the delivery of their speeches.

Congratulations to all the students who competed – GLC 1 (Ella L., Manaia K-C., Ava K., Jake J., Georgia K. and Jim G.); GLC 2 (Abbie W., Isaac H., Danika C., Saige B., Allistaire L. and Malachi H.); and GLC 3 (Aaron B., Jacob S., Anya S., Jake B., Ella S. and Rehmat G.).