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Nathan Patterson, a renowned and amazingly talented Indigenous artist visited Geelong Lutheran College on Friday 1  June.  He worked closely with the Year 8 students to produce an amazing mural incorporating symbols representing our local community, Geelong and the Surf Coast.

Nathan spoke to the secondary students about how it felt growing up in Melbourne being a young Aboriginal boy and how he would have loved to have been taught more about his own culture in school. He explained that his art work and working with young people was his way of sharing his culture and forming reconciliation in the community. He explained that he was not a political man and that he felt educating the younger generation about Aboriginal history, art and culture was important to ensure that “history wasn’t a mystery”.

Nathan’s love of art helped him to connect to his own Aboriginal identity, and that he loved the opportunity to share his work and skills with others. Nathan’s artwork has be seen on many AFL football players, particularly during the Indigenous AFL round. The Geelong Cats jumper is a perfect example of some of his work, however, one of Nathan’s greatest loves is to paint and draw native birds in his Studio at Ashmore Arts in Torquay.

It was a special afternoon having Nathan visit Geelong Lutheran College and the students were inspired to learn about the importance of Aboriginal history, culture and art.