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Senior School – Years 10 to 12


Year 10

Year 10 serves as a preparation year for VCE. Our key aim is to facilitate a seamless transition to the full VCE program that will be experienced in Year 11 by assisting students in the development of greater independence as they build on the skills and personal disciplines from their middle years of schooling. As well as having the opportunity to taste a VCE or VET subject, the academic rigour in our Year 10 curriculum becomes more reflective of Year 11 requirements, and many procedures inherent in the administrative requirements of VCE are introduced.

Years 11 & 12

Our two years of post-compulsory schooling provide students with the opportunity to specialise in subjects and activities in their areas of interest. Student programs are tailored to suit individual career aspirations and consider a wide variety of student pathway options. Both VCE and VCAL are offered as senior pathway options, with the opportunity to undertake VET courses and School Based Apprenticeships within these programs.


Engaging in the career development process is an integral part of the senior year’s program.  The aim is to ensure students make informed decisions about their future pathway options, and that they become young men and women ready to take the next step to further study at University, vocational training or employment.


Facilitating close connections between staff, students and parents is something we value very highly. This helps to ensure that student’s are supported in their studies.

Providing opportunities for student leadership

To support our students in their roles, many preparation and training sessions are provided to facilitate the leadership development process.  Practical opportunities are provided both within and beyond our P-12 College for students to apply and further develop their leadership abilities and the important life skills that are inherent in such roles.


Students are encouraged to be productive and engaged members of their community through a balanced program of activities involving service, community engagements, character development, sport and other recreational interests.


Mrs Sharlene Tattersall