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On Sunday 14th October, our Year 6 Robotics team (ZEUS18) presented their project to Physiotherapists Kate and Michael Snelling (parents of Thomas, Year 5).

Kate and Michael thought that all the anti-gravity muscles had been considered and that the EXOGAZE would minimise loss of muscle tone in additional muscle groups as well. They commented that the exercise examples could be related to real life earthly movements which would be beneficial upon an astronaut’s return to earth. They provided great feedback to the students about their presentation of the project.

On Wednesday 24th October, the group visited Deakin University where they presented to Dr Zoran Najdovski, Senior Robotics Engineer; Institute for Intelligent Systems Research and Innovation (IISRI). Zoran congratulated the team on the concept of the EXOGAZE and the use of Virtual Reality and machine learning within their solution. He commented on their choice of carbon fibre and titanium alloy to make the machine. He suggested that we could possibly look at adding avatars into the scenes so that astronauts felt they were exercising with others.  He also showed us some work IISRI was doing with haptics and suggested this could be incorporated into the AI so that astronauts felt the resistance during their exercising. This was a fantastic excursion for the students with them having the opportunity of seeing first-hand possible future pathways.

Students are now in their final two weeks of preparation before the Regional Competition on Sunday 11th November. They will present their project to the College community at the end of assembly on Monday 5th November.