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Year 7 Here at Geelong Lutheran College, cyber safety and the appropriate use of social media is of high importance to all members of our community. Following a presentation last term by Victoria Police member, Leading Senior Constable – Robbie Noggler, our Year 7 students are looking forward to participating in the  ‘Cyber Cats’ online-safety program run by the Geelong Football Club. Each Year 7 class will be visiting GMHBA Stadium before the end of term and will be involved in hands-on activities investigating the following aspects of online behaviour, including:

  • What is bullying online? How to manage the lack of context in social media and digital messaging
  • The effects of cyber bullying on individuals
  • Seeking help when being bullied
  • How to help someone being bullied
  • Cyber bullying, distributing images and the law

Furthermore, our Peer Support program gives another forum to discuss cyber safety, among other themes. This program continues to support our newest members of the Middle School as they transition from Primary to Secondary schooling. Our Year 10 Peer Support Leaders have organised mentoring sessions on Getting to Know You, Teamwork and Friendship. Last week our Year 7 and 8 Student Forum Representatives attended a Digital Ambassador event at The Geelong Heritage Library. They enthusiastically participated in Project ROCKIT! Students learnt the importance of a digital profile and how they can positively impact his space for their peers. The students returned with new found confidence to address these issues. They have begun brainstorming initiatives and ideas to help promote positivity in our online community and to create strategies to improve mental health and provide support to other students in the GLC community (Miss Redden, Year 7 Level Leader). (See photos attached).

Year 8 Student engagement is flourishing in Year 8 with students joining in the fun of ‘Medieval Day’. This Humanities incursion saw peasants, knights in shining armour, maidens, princesses, lords and ladies grace our campus! Tournaments were plentiful with jousting knights showcasing their skills. However, it wasn’t all fun and games with ‘crime and punishment’ taking centre stage as students learnt about the public humiliation of being shamed in the stocks. They could almost smell the rotten food that was pelted at criminals during this historical period. Thank you to Mrs Welker and the Year 8 Humanities teachers for organising this experience for the Year 8 students.

Year 9 Our Year 9 students are currently immersed in their Semester 1 Examinations. They have four exams covering the Core subjects – English, Mathematics, Science and Humanities. This is a critical experience in their learning journey where the process of sitting exams is as important as the outcome, at this level. Students have the opportunity to experiment with and practise different revision strategies and studying techniques, holding them in good stead for success in their senior years. Following their exams, Year 9 students continue their Career’s program with a Tertiary visit to The Gordon. This will be followed by opportunities to participate in Taster events sampling a wide variety of workplaces and occupations of interest. Embedded within the Science curriculum, the Coastal Guardians program has been a focal point for hands-on learning about the environment and sustainability. The students have enjoyed the opportunity for community involvement at Fisherman’s Beach and the local surrounds this term.