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Our Arts Tour group to Italy and Spain 2020 has been meeting throughout the year to go over the Itinerary and learn about the artworks, history and culture that we’ll experience. We’ve created a OneNote link, whereby, students can add additional interesting information for us to share and discuss. Currently, 20 students, with four teachers will be travelling to Italy and Spain in 2020.

Rosemary, Sienna’s grandmother attended our Arts Tour meeting to share with us her rich experiences of travelling through Italy. Rosemary is a creative and passionate artist with a love for Italy. She studied Fine Arts and many of her Photography works feature Italian landscapes. She has a beautiful eye for colour and light, and this is evident in her artworks. Rosemary bought along her Pinocchio puppet souvenir as it is a prominent character that the Italians share pride in. Rosemary highly recommended that we try to organise a traditional Gondola ride, while in Venice. Rosemary spoke fondly of the authentic Italian food, the hospitality of the locals and the beauty and wonder in the arts, culture and history of Italy. Thanks Rosemary, you certainly inspired and excited us in relation to our upcoming Arts Tour.

Our Tour group is also going out for dinner to enjoy some Italian food in a relaxed atmosphere to connect as a group. Planning and preparations are all on schedule for our Arts Tour 2020.

Ms. Garrard.