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Brother and sister duo, Yolanda and Findlay recently competed in the Interschool Skiing Championships. Findlay competed in division two again 165 Year 9 and 10 boys, taking part in two events, the Skierscross and the Giant Slalom.  In the Skiercross, Findlay’s first run was met with some trepidation but he managed to qualify for the final in 30th place. In the final, he flew through the course improving his time by over two seconds, finishing ninth in Victoria. The following day saw him finish the Giant Slalom after two runs in 11th place.

Yolanda competed in her last skiing event for GLC and competed in both the Skiercross and Giant Slalom. It was an extremely close competition with Yolanda finishing in an incredible fourth place for both events. In the Skiercross, just 0.3 seconds separated second and fourth place. Yolanda missed out on third place in the Giant Slalom by 0.2 seconds.

Findlay and Yolanda’s brilliant results qualified them to represent GLC at the Australian Championships held at Mount Buller, with Yolanda taking out third place overall.

Congratulations to Findlay and Yolanda for their efforts!