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During their stay in Australia, the German students were asked to write an article on topics relating to their stay. We thought you might be interested in their perception of our Australian culture and landscape:

Family: Elias
School/uniforms: Tizian
Free Time: Can Luca
Great Ocean Road Trip: Tim
Melbourne: Leonie
Animals: Lea
Nature: Lou


Hello, I am Lou and I am an exchange student from Germany. I am in Australia for 4 weeks and I am enjoying the trip. My host family is nice and I haven’t gotten homesick yet. I really like going to school with my exchange partner and it is great to experience a new type of school.
In Australia I visited Torquay, Melbourne and other Cities but the best thing over here is the landscape and the animals, living on here. I am going to visit the You Yangs and I am very excited. I already saw the movie mad max and there I had a great look at them. Compared to Germany the You Yangs are not tall but in Australia are looking tall because the land is very flat. I love hiking and riding my bike, this is the reason I want to go back to Australia in the future to do all the activities you can do in here. The You Yangs are just 319 meters tall, so I think the trip will be as long as they are in Germany. But I hope it will be great fun and my exchange family and I will enjoy it.
Lou Kittlitz


Hello, I am Elias and I am an exchange Student from Germany. I came here three weeks ago and I had a wonderful time with my host family, which includes six family members: My exchange student Jossiah (16), his sister Emily (12), his brother Jontee (17), his little Brother Cody (5) and his parents Kerry and Jonathan. Both of his parents work in a university as teachers. Kerry doesn`t work as much as her husband, because she does a lot of work at home like cooking and helping their kids for example. She cooks every day very healthy, always as less as sugar as possible and mostly vegetables.
Australian’s generally eat more spicy than people in Germany but I can handle it. My host family try to buy/eat only regional things. They live in a small town next to the ocean called Barwon Heads, a really nice area with a beautiful coast, rocks, beaches and houses. You can also find lots of restaurants, hotels or small shops, where you can get everything you need. They have a nice new house with a big pool and spa about 10 minutes to walk to the beach.
Elias Claar


Hello, I am Leonie-Marie and I am a German Exchange student and I want to tell you what we did in Melbourne.
First we visited the AC/DC-Lane, which was new for all the German students because we don’t have graffiti like that in Germany. Then we went to another graffiti mural. After that we went to the Eureka Skydeck. It was beautiful to see Melbourne from a different perspective.
Next stop should be the Library, which was closed because of renovations this day.
Then we finished our day with a shopping tour.


Hey, I am Lea. I am a German exchange student. I tell you something about the differences between the animals living in Australia and Germany. Typical German animals are deer and fox. Kangaroos, Koalas and Wombats in Australia. There are more than 800 species of birds, 140 species of snakes, about 4000 species of fish and 320 marsupial species. In Germany live about 50000 different species. In Australia the most animals live in wilderness.

Great Ocean Road

Hey I am Tim and I am here for four weeks. We were on the Great Ocean Road Tour last week. On the first day we had a stopover at the Goldmine under the earth at Ballarat, before we arrived at our first Campsite in Warrnambool. We went to the beach for a walk and played footy. The next day we went to Port Campbell National Park and I know the teachers had a hard time collecting us, because we all were so amazed at all the beautiful nature around us. It was the same at the twelve apostles. Then we had another night at a campsite at Apollo Bay. The last day we had a surf lesson at Lorne on the beach, before drove back to Geelong.


Hello GLC,
I am a German exchange student, my name is Tizian and I am 15 years old.
I am going to tell you a bit about the difference between German an Australian Schools.
First of all we don’t wear uniforms at school. Another huge difference is that we don’t use as much technology in our schools like they do it in Australia. For example: We do not use computers in our lessons. We use pens and paper. Amongst other things, our school day starts at 08:00am and ends at 01.10pm. Also interesting is that we can’t choose our subjects. We have eleven subjects that everybody has to do.
These are some of the differences I experienced while I visited your school. Over all I really enjoyed my time in Australia and at the GLC as well. See ya mate!

Free time

I am Can and I have been to Australia for three weeks. I have experienced a lot and I would like to tell you a bit about it. I was surfing in Torquay- the waves were perfect and we had some great hours on the beach. We were in Anglesea and looked at the Kangaroos. We saw baby Kangaroos and took pictures with them, well, after all, they were wild and jumped off when we got too close.
After we visited the Kangaroos we went to the Beach and walked a bit. On October 5th, we went to Melbourne and we looked at the City. At the shrine of Remembrance, we looked at the skyline of Melbourne. On the St. Kilda Pier we looked at penguins, before we went out for dinner. Melbourne at night is best explored by car. Past Flinders Street, on the stadiums and with a view of the skyline back to Geelong. We also went through the national park in Point Nepean and looked at the bunkers. In Sorrento, we went to eat, went to the cinema together and watched films. In Geelong we went to the White-Night and enjoyed the evening. We have experienced much more, but that was a view impression from my side.
Can Luca