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Much excitement could be felt around G-block on Thursday, 17 October as teachers, students and family members gathered together for the Family Maths Night. Primary teachers and Secondary Maths teachers prepared an interesting and diverse selection of activities which enabled family units to respond, engage and participate. These included participating in a simultaneous chess challenge; watching robotics demonstrations; engaging with estimating activities; playing card, board and activity-based games; manipulating shapes; Sudoko and maths puzzles; tangram creations; physical maths activities such as Finska, football target handball; bean bag toss and mini golf; IT maths including Beebot Coding and a Maths trial using QR codes; 3-D prisms constructions, mazes, jigsaw puzzles and hands-on problem solving activities. Interesting displays included: careers in STEM, student maths work, maths in action in our classrooms and the Maths Pathway program. Many students completed their passport well before the end of the night. VCAL staff and students and some Primary teachers ensured everyone was fed with mouth-watering pizzas, hamburgers, veggie burgers and sausages. Delicious hot drink refreshments were provided by Year 12 students. The ‘wonders of Mathematics’ was explored by our College community on this twilight evening.