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Legal Studies


On Wednesday 2nd of August, Geelong Lutheran College was privileged to receive a visit from two Court of Appeal judges, Justice Chris Maxwell and Justice Stephen McLeish. We had the opportunity to engage with both Justices on various legal topics, touching on subjects such as the media’s influence on the court, jury’s decisions and the adversary system verses the inquisitorial system.

They also discussed the emotional impact of sentencing and the differences between being a Judge in the Court of Appeal compared to a Judge in the County Court or lower courts.

Both Justices’ began their careers as barristers and worked hard over 20 years to develop a deep and passionate understanding of Victoria’s court hierarchy and its functions. We also had an in-depth discussion relating to the deterrence of sentencing for offenders and how community corrections orders compare to incarceration.

The College was fortunate to benefit from this fantastic learning opportunity and one which the students will take with them throughout their legal studies.