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Senior Boys Football
On Tuesday 14 May, the senior boys football team was given the opportunity to play in the Independent Schools football round robin. This is a terrific milestone for the College as it is the first time our school has had a senior boys’ team in the competition. We played in Division Two against Covenant College and Geelong Baptist College. The boys represented their school with pride and were able to come away with one win and one loss for the day. We defeated Covenant College, but Geelong Baptist College was too good on the day. Cail Findlay was awarded the best Geelong Lutheran College player for the tournament.
Mr Emmerson – Coach
Year 7-8 Football
The Year 7 & 8 football team played a home game this week against Christian College in the Year 7-8 Football competition. The scores were level at half-time with both teams playing good attacking football. GLC scored the first two goals of the last quarter thanks to some excellent play from Tomos Drennan. We looked set to take out the victory before Christian College took back the lead with just 2 minutes left on the clock. The game looked like it was taken away from us until some brilliant play from Angus Hastie who took the ball from centre half-back. He took four bounces and kicked a match winning goal to put GLC in the lead with eight seconds to go. The boys were able to celebrate their first win for the season. The team was very well coached by Thomas Butler and Will Rolfe. Well done!
Final Scores:
Geelong Lutheran College 8.2.50
Christian College 7.4.46
Best Players: Tomos Drennan, Angus Hastie, James Short, Oscar Brown, Teague Salmon, Zeb Copeland.
Mr Emmerson – Year 7-8 Football.