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On Wednesday 23 August, 12 students from Year 3 to 6 represented Geelong Lutheran College at the Battle of the Books Competition held at Good News Lutheran College, Tarneit.

Students Jim, Malachi, Ava, Abraham, Thomas, Zara, Rosie, Seth, Emily, Verity, Georgie and Emily had prepared for this competition by reading from a selected list of 30 books throughout the year. The preparation for the competition was coordinated Mrs Kelly Rodway and Mrs Jane Hollett as a lunchtime activity. The competition required students to remember significant themes, characters, settings and happenings within the books and to be able to identify the book in which they occurred. This year’s winning school was Good News Lutheran College and runner up was Good Shepherd Lutheran School in Croydon. St John’s Lutheran School students also participated on the day.  Congratulations to our students for preparing so well and representing our College brilliantly on the day.