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Welcome to the start of Term 4.

This term is as much about preparing for next year as it is about finishing this year. Our enrolment position is much clearer, teachers are being assigned to classes and class lists will be developed later this term. There is a considerable waiting list for places in Year 7 however there are vacancies in most other year levels.

In terms of staffing, Laura Ballinger (currently on leave) and Jessica Soenderlund (also on leave) have resigned their positions, Mel Tomlins will not be returning and Michele Vendy will take 12 months leave next year.

We welcome the following teachers who have been appointed for next year:
Carolyn Holton-Magor from Luther College (Croydon) – MS/SS Humanities/English
Steve Gollash from St John’s Lutheran School (Portland) – PS Music, MS/SS Drama
Carol Spike from Clonard College (Geelong) – MS/SS Business/Legal Studies/Humanities/Christian Studies

I pray that all our students finish the year well and they can look back with fondness to the events of the year and see tangible signs of their development and success.

Barry Krueger