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With Armstrong Creek Campus Principal Barry Krueger on well-deserved long service leave, Acting Campus Principal Rainer Mayer was kind enough to share some thoughts on his experiences. 

Now that I have been at GLC for more than a month I have an opportunity to reflect on my time here thus far, and perhaps even make comment.  I would like to say I was pleasantly surprised – but I can’t. Having taught and led in over a dozen schools, mostly Lutheran schools, I have to say that I came with certain, high expectations.  And so, I wasn’t at all surprised when I found myself warmly welcomed to the GLC community.  I wasn’t surprised to find a warm and caring staff.  I wasn’t surprised to find a respectful culture.  I wasn’t surprised to come to a school that actively proclaimed the Gospel and its Lutheran heritage.  To be honest, I expected no less.  Rather than being pleasantly surprised, I have instead, a sense of coming home.  It has, and continues to be, a privilege to serve the community here.  Thank you.